About me

About me

People are struggling to navigate polarized perspectives on just about everything, and our current, shaky relationship with the truth isn't helping a bit.

I’m Deanna Troust, a professional communicator who’s spent over 20 years leading inclusive social change initiatives on issues that matter, and that particular reality matters. A lot.

I’m here to explain things that are causing confusion – through compelling examples and balanced, strategic analysis, informed by years of studying how people consume information and manage cultural dynamics.

My goal is to offer you both insights and grace, so you can make your own decisions. Not to make decisions for you.

This newsletter is part of Truth in Common, a learning community that's countering the spread of disinformation. Is there an issue you’re struggling with, or something you’d like to celebrate? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at dtroust@3storiescomm.com with ideas for future issues.

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Deanna Troust

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